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Fixed interest rates too good to pass up

Posted by Date Added : 25/07/2014 Category : Articles

Home loan customers should take advantage of low fixed interest rates and lock in now, experts say. The Commonwealth Bank, National Australia Bank and Westpac on Wednesday cut their longer-term interest rates to below 5 per cent. ANZ was the only one of the big four banks not to lower its five-year..

Will your children be stuck in the rental rut?

Posted by Date Added : 17/06/2014 Category : Articles

It is no secret that first home buyers are finding it extremely tough to enter the property market. House prices, scaling back of the First Home Owner’s Grant (FHOG) and stiff competition from property investors, both local and overseas, has all but shut the door in the face of young people wanti..

You have only 30 days left to save $1,250!

Posted by Date Added : 31/05/2014 Category : Articles

If you are considering any of the following: Refinancing your home loan for a better rate; Consolidating all your debts into one simple repayment; Doing some renovations at home; Purchasing a new car; or Taking that well deserved holiday now is the time to do it! Until 30 June 2014, you will save ..

Housing affordability best in 12 years thanks to low interest rates

Posted by Date Added : 28/05/2014 Category : Articles

Although there have been big price rises low interest rates have kept homes relatively affordable, according the HIA-CBA index. Despite surging house prices, housing affordability has risen to its most favourable level in 12 years in the first quarter of this year, thanks to record low interest rate..

What to expect from your first meeting with your Mortgage Broker

Posted by Date Added : 24/05/2014 Category : Education

The first step to buying a property, a business or commercial equipment is often securing the finance, and the ‘make or break’ nature of that can make the first meeting with a Mortgage Broker a daunting prospect. Your first meeting with a Mortgage Broker is an opportunity to really get cracking ..

The biggest myth

Posted by Date Added : 06/05/2014 Category : Articles

Most of us worry about our future, and most of us are waiting until the mortgage is paid off before we do anything about it. Sydney University anthropologist and author Stephen Juan said it now took two incomes and 30 years to pay off the average home. Half a century ago, it was one income and 15 y..

What to look for at an open house

Posted by Date Added : 03/05/2014 Category : Articles

Source: MFAA – Article by Emily Watson. There’s an old saying that you should never judge a book by its cover, and this is true for houses – after all, who would buy one having never seen more than the front door? Open for inspections are opportunities to really flick through the pages, a..

Reserve Bank cuts interest rates to their lowest ever

Posted by Date Added : 06/08/2013 Category : Articles

As we expected the Reserve Bank today announced a further reduction in official interest rates to a historical low of 2.50%. The Board took into account recent information on easing commodity prices, a depreciating dollar, the moderating of inflation and the unemployment rate edging higher. As a res..

What to do if you experience mortgage stress?

Posted by Date Added : 17/07/2013 Category : Articles

It’s good to know that help is readily available if you are experiencing difficulties making repayments on your mortgage. Many borrowers tend to retreat, hide or avoid the issue when this happens, however this is the worst thing that they can do. The Genworth “Home Owner Assistance Program” (H..

Fixed rate loans surge in popularity

Posted by Date Added : 02/07/2013 Category : Articles

Up to 20.6 percent of all new loans settled in April 2013 were fixed rate loans according to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). This is the highest percentage of fixed rate loans since the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) raised official rates to 7.25 percent in March 2008. Lenders ..

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